Are Almshouses cheap affordable housing?

December 29, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Almshouse Blog

Many almshouses occupy listed buildings, some of which date back hundreds of year. Almhouses were traditionally built in a row or around three sides of a courtyard or garden. Almshouses are a vital contribution to the social housing landscape in the UK, providing care and decent living standards to the elderly, to local residents in their retirement and to those in need. The majority of today’s almshouse residents will be of limited financial means, and will have lived in the vicinity of an almshouse charity for a number of years. Each Almshouse charity will have its own rules on age limit, and how financially constrained, you have to be in order to be eligible. Most insist that applicants and those wishing must be over 60, live locally, have to be able to look after themselves independently at the time they arrive; and have to have less than £100,000 in cash or assets. The weekly maintenance contribution residents pay can also vary depending on the location and type of the almshouse property. The overall monthly costs are usually cheaper compared to the rents aked by private landlords. However Almshouse residents are usually asked to contribute towards the upkeep of the property and the cost of water and electricity.